You don’t know what you’ve got

I had a bad day.


It started off as a hopeful day. Got bad briefly, bad enough to break me down. But then it was okay.

My friends made it okay.

Hell, they did better than that. They broke me down again, but this time, these were tears of gratitude.


You don’t know what you’ve got because you’re too occupied taking it all for granted most of the time. I’m feeling all warm and mushy and I’m teary-eyed even as I write this post because I learnt you don’t need to be in love to give or take love. You can love by just being there… By just caring…


For the most part, I’m a terrible person to everyone around me, friends included. I just am, and there’s no excuse for being that way I know; but when your friends still have your back to the point where they pick up the shattered pieces of you, patiently put it all together, and even more patiently wait for you to be whole again, you realise you don’t know what you’ve got.

I have friends who care enough to set everything aside and be there for me. Friends who are honest even though it might upset me. Friends who feel bad, genuinely, and fix it for me as if it was their own back they were covering.

And I love you guys for this. I may never show it, I may in fact still be mean to you just like all those times I have been before (I promise I’ll work on this side of me), but I want you to know how humbled I am right now. Yeah, there’s that possibility that I’m very emotionally influenced at the moment, and everything I say here might be an exaggeration. But I’d like to say it anyway.


And so… Thank You.


For what it’s worth, I love you two loads, and I never want to lose you.


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Namaste. I've always had trouble introducing myself like this, but since you'd like to know me, I think I can best be defined as a non-stereotype woman, a non-stereotype nerd, a musician, a sporting enthusiast, an animal lover, a fan of movies, hardcore into several genres of music, and I think I'm a linguaphile. Considering the flair I happen to have for writing, I've gone ahead and put into words, things that I'm passionate about, or that drive me. is a weekly music blog I've been writing for a long time now, where I share playlists of songs I've discovered over the course of my life (accompanied by some charming, witty commentary, courtesy- my awesome sense of humour). is a more recent blog where as and when I feel like it, I share my ideas, my opinions, strong or otherwise, and sometimes even my emotions.

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