“Do you want to know what scares me the most?” -she asked softly; her voice hoarse and barely audible.


“Yes”, he responded, sympathizing. She refused to look at him.

She’d been crying.



“Tell me”




Taking a long moment, she then turns to look at him, her watery, puffy eyes searching his.



“One day, I will die, and nobody will ever know how I feel.


Death is not what scares me; but knowing, that nobody has understood what I have spent all my life longing to express…



I will die misunderstood.


And That scares me.”

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Namaste. I've always had trouble introducing myself like this, but since you'd like to know me, I think I can best be defined as a non-stereotype woman, a non-stereotype nerd, a musician, a sporting enthusiast, an animal lover, a fan of movies, hardcore into several genres of music, and I think I'm a linguaphile. Considering the flair I happen to have for writing, I've gone ahead and put into words, things that I'm passionate about, or that drive me. https://meetthemelomaniac.wordpress.com/ is a weekly music blog I've been writing for a long time now, where I share playlists of songs I've discovered over the course of my life (accompanied by some charming, witty commentary, courtesy- my awesome sense of humour). https://poveverythin.wordpress.com/ is a more recent blog where as and when I feel like it, I share my ideas, my opinions, strong or otherwise, and sometimes even my emotions.

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