It’s been a while since I wrote, and as I do, I realise exactly how much I missed it, and how much more I regret that I did not put enough effort to keep writing.


This one’s a reflection, as clear as I can try to make it, of what I feel at the moment.

I like my space. It clears up my head, helps me think and see more clearly, and keeps me sane.
And so, wanting to have this space for myself everywhere I go, everything I do, is but natural.
I make no attempt to empathize with people who don’t place this similar importance on space.

This is me.


I like my autonomy. I function better, work more efficiently, and am 100% productive if I so choose to be.
Wanting the autonomy everywhere I go cannot be wrong, for that is how I’d like to be. That is how I find I am most useful.
I don’t see enough reason to give up my autonomy as I go along, quite simply because it defines me- Adds to my identity.

This is me.


I like to stop and smile. With passion flowing through me, I see no reason not to let it show.
Life is full of the littlest precious things that make me smile a rare, watery-eyed smile. Things that most people rush past and don’t see…
Things that a fast-paced, competitive life doesn’t give you time to see.
I cannot bring myself to stay away from passionate emotions that draw me. Losing myself occasionally is inevitable, and I am unapologetic for it.

This is me.


I seek meaning. In everything.
In music. In quiet. In noise. In travelling. In dancing. In exercising. In screaming. In crying. In loving. In hating. In sleeping. In waking.
In living.
I cannot convince myself into anything that seems redundant or makes no meaning to me.

This is me.


I am smart. Very.
I know it because I feel it.
I know it because I’ve sensed and seen it.
I know it because, on the rare occasions I’ve shone out, they’ve been of absolute brilliance.
I cannot be expected to seem smart at all times. And if you’ve known me and not experienced it, it’s because you don’t inspire it. My motivation to apply myself depends solely on inspiration.
I believe everybody’s does.

This is me.


I am capable of greatness.
I know this because I can feel it in my bones.
I know this because I finally understand where all my undecidedness stems from.
See… To not know what you want to do, what you want to become… Because everything seems doable… That’s how I know I am capable of greatness.
But alas, knowing I may not be able to do a lot of those great things simply because I don’t aspire for them enough, is also something I have to live with.

This is me.


This is me, now.


And I wish you were more like me.


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Namaste. I've always had trouble introducing myself like this, but since you'd like to know me, I think I can best be defined as a non-stereotype woman, a non-stereotype nerd, a musician, a sporting enthusiast, an animal lover, a fan of movies, hardcore into several genres of music, and I think I'm a linguaphile. Considering the flair I happen to have for writing, I've gone ahead and put into words, things that I'm passionate about, or that drive me. https://meetthemelomaniac.wordpress.com/ is a weekly music blog I've been writing for a long time now, where I share playlists of songs I've discovered over the course of my life (accompanied by some charming, witty commentary, courtesy- my awesome sense of humour). https://poveverythin.wordpress.com/ is a more recent blog where as and when I feel like it, I share my ideas, my opinions, strong or otherwise, and sometimes even my emotions.

One thought on “Feel.”

  1. It’s very difficult to introduce them self. Some times it’ll become exaggerated, but this is to the point and very well put into words.


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