“All your can do is try your best.”


That’s not all your can do.

What you CAN do is DO YOUR BEST.
Don’t try to. Just do it.

Because THAT’S what sets you apart from the mediocre “we’re trying our best” lot.
THAT’S what motivates you to keep doing your best.
THAT’S what gives you more purpose or meaning in life.
And THAT’S what actually gets things done.

You think it was the “we’re just trying our best” lot of people who changed the world?


Sure, it was the out-of-the-box thinkers, the not-afraid-to-go-where-nobody-has-gone-before folks who really made the difference, but do you think they all just settled for “trying their best”?


I think they went and DID their almighty best over and over again until they were truly satisfied that they did enough.


Now that’s what I implore you go do for yourself.

Go be your best.
Go do your best.

As a music tutor, I’ve always been the hard ass who pushed my students no matter how good they already were. Why? Because it made them better. Not just as pianists, but as people who could endure more, be disciplined more, push themselves more.

And the end results were always so beautiful!

My tutor did that with me. I hated her for it for a long long time.
But now, nothing can take away what she has made me.
I am better than I ever was, and I know to push myself till I ache.
Because she showed me why that mattered.




As an afterthought-
What motivated me to write this wasn’t music, but this piece of sad sad news about beehives being deliberately burnt to a char, killing thousands of bees.

It’s sad, not just for the bees, not just for the Earth or the delicate situation we’re in with the dwindling bee population, but because of how insensitive we are as a “superior” race.

The Earth is dying.
We did this.
And we’re still doing it.
And that isn’t doing your best, in my opinion.

And not wanting to do your best in this situation is a sorry excuse for wanting to live,
Because you have nothing worth living for.


Of passions and misunderstood self-interests…

A little over two months ago, I changed jobs, again, and I know I harmed my career track record quite a bit. Who hires someone who can’t hold down a corporate job for more than 3 months twice, right?

You know what? Changing jobs for the third time has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself!

It wasn’t at all easy. I had to really weigh the opportunity cost involved with “walking away from Corporate”. But in my case, this was more in terms of time and monetary investments made in pursuit of suitable academic degrees, etc.

And then of course there was the fact that this couldn’t have been considered a mistake anymore. I was changing to a third job in a span of less than a year. I’d managed to hold down both past corporate jobs for an average of 2.5 months only.

But it is what it is. And I’d like to share my story now because: a) I want to clarify and reassure all skeptics that I am doing better than ever; and b) I’m sure I’m not the only one who went through (or goes through) the confusion and inability to stay happy with a regular job.


It’s funny really. All my life I’ve spent knowing that I’m ambitious but unsure what I want to do in life. Music was always there, but somehow I failed to see it as my Plan A.
And so I did everything to pursue a fickle, changeable Plan A; right from my not-so-brief tryst with CA, to the PGDM.

It’s been a journey. And yes, seeing where I am now, I do wonder whether all that study in the wrong fields, all those degrees… Were they even worth it?

In some way, they are.

If nothing else, I learnt who I was not, just by making these bad choices. I learnt where to draw the line to my infinite, probably childish ambitions. I learnt that I was only human.
And to add a cherry on top, along this mistake of a journey, I fell in love.

So it can’t all be considered a waste.

And so, two odd months ago, I decided to stop fooling myself.
So I made bad certification and career mistakes. Big deal!

I hadn’t lost all. In fact, I had never lost anything but money.
I’ve always been good at being a musician and at tutoring music and I thank the stars that I never ever stopped doing it along the way.


By the end of my PGDM course, I had zero corporate experience but 8 years of music teaching experience and a Grade 8 solo pianist’s degree.
But I ended up capitalizing on the former.

It took me two failed attempts at the corporate world to realise I was better than that.


See, maybe I could’ve still held down those jobs had I really tried… Had I really wanted to try…

But I didn’t.

I knew that passion for it would never come. Not while there was something else I was so good at and so passionate about.

So here I am now, narrating to you a tale that spans roughly a year. A year that saw me relocate houses at least five times, change jobs three times, change cities two times, and alter my resume at least six times.

Finally where I want to be, I’ve decided to teach music for the rest of my life, alongside being a musician and doing all things music!

Someone from my last job told me this while I was planning to leave. He said, “… passions are okay to have, but will you be happy making a career of it? You will regret the decision you’re making. If it were me, I’d buckle down and work harder where I am.”
He might have been right… In somebody else’s context. Or even his own.
He was wrong about me.
I haven’t been this happy about life in general, in a long time.
Isn’t that what life is supposed to be about anyway?


That’s all I’ve got to say.